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Home Remodeling, Building Renovations, Interior Design in DC, VA, MD | RockCreek Builder


Renovations and additions are the focus of RockCreek Builder. We treat every job equally – getting it done & done right.

Additions of All Sizes

Giving you the space to continue living in your home, we can work around your life and make it an easy process to add anything to your home. Whether it’s a wraparound front porch, or a bigger kitchen leading out to your patio, or the master bedroom you’ve been dreaming about.

We have added the equivalent of an entirely new house to existing structures while maintaining historic aesthetics, ensuring building codes are met, using sustainable and Earth-friendly materials, and (most importantly) keeping everyone happy.

Detailed Renovations

RockCreek Builder does high-end, residential architecturally-detailed renovations with everything well thought-out before we start the process. Working with architects or laying out the plans in-house, we can work on any renovation from a third-floor remodel to a full-house face-lift.

Taking your renovation from old to brand new, we will be respectful of your space, give you plenty of room to either live in your home while it’s being renovated or make sure you have access to whatever you need if you stay elsewhere. It’s your home, we work with you however you want.


We look at that empty hallway not as “unused square footage,” but a passageway of potential for subtle drawers or unobtrusive shelving. Your kitchen isn’t too small, it’s just not yet laid out to fit your big personality quite yet. And yes, your dark, out-of-the-way bathroom can become a light, airy respite with our design/build expertise.

From the drawing board to the detailed finishes, RockCreek Builder can show you how your space can be everything you’ve been hoping for. We’ve taken small Georgetown rowhouses and turned them into bright, open living spaces. If you have the flexibility, we can show you how to make your home fit your life.

So whether you’ve got a small space that needs storage maximization or a large space in need of a refreshing personality, call RockCreek Builder.

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